2016 Legislative Capital Outlay


Corrales fared extraordinarily well, and better than expected, in the 2016 Legislative Session…thanks in large part to the efforts of Representative Paul Pacheco who worked together with Representatives Jane Powdrell-Culbert and Jason Harper from Rio Rancho to garner over $400,000 in capital funding for the Village. All of it survived the Governor’s veto.

On the Senate side, $75,000 in funding for property acquisition (presumably submitted by Senator Sapien) was vetoed by Governor Martinez. This likely is due to the fact that there was no specific plan for what the funds would accomplish.

Driven largely by staff priorities, the Village will receive $125,000 to help defray the costs of repairs and maintenance at the Old San Ysidro Church, including the installation of a fire suppression line and hydrant (which will also benefit the surrounding neighborhood), $145,000 for replacement police vehicles, and $167,000 for creation of an actual kitchen at the main fire station. When constructed, designers did not envision the number of paid firefighters living in the station when on duty. All of these items will be completed within the coming year.

Please join the Village Administration in extending our thanks to our legislators for their hard work on this, and to Governor Martinez for preserving most of our outlay.