30th annual Corrales Harvest festival

The 30th annual Corrales Harvest festival has come and gone, and while it wasn’t the biggest ever, the weather was beautiful and so was the Mayor!  I mean the Mayor’s girl!  Sorry!  Anyway, the view from the tractor seat is always unique because you get to see (and move) so many people that live in and visit our village for this unique event.  Where else can you and your family attend a party like this and be chauffeured on local hay wagons for two straight days all for such a reasonable admission charge?  I’d say nowhere!  Everyone who rode got to see our Village in all of its splendor as we transition from summer to autumn.  Everyone who rode go to see our beautiful new ball field at the rec center that will be ready for use next spring.


Some years crowds are huge, and some years they are just large, but one thing that never changes about them…they are all smiling!  And while the crowds may ebb and flow, one thing never wavers and that’s the dedicated force of more than200 volunteers who all pull together every year to help make this event a big success for the kids  who benefit from the proceeds.  Thanks again to the Kiwanas Club of Corrales, the Corrales Tractor Club, the Guardians of the Children, and all of the others that make the last weekend in September a special one in Corrales!