Animal Control

The Village of Corrales is an animal friendly, no kill, community. Animal Control is dedicated to the preservation and well being of all domestic, livestock, and wild life animals.

As part of this commitment, Animal Services has established partnerships with animal welfare and animal rescue organizations with the goal of becoming a "no-kill" community.

Animal Evacuation Plan

As the fire danger season continues we would like everyone to be as prepared as possible. Please be sure to have a way to evacuated your animals and transport them to the designated animal evacuation locations or to a safe destination of your choice. Attached is the Animal Evacuation Plan Corrales Animal Services uses. Please be sure to print out this plan and keep it on hand. You will need one animal intake and release form per pet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 505-898-0401.

Village of Corrales Integrated Coyote Management Plan

13438914_1072945832759737_4779681723333171688_nThe purpose of this plan is to minimize pet and livestock losses due to coyote predation and minimize the impact on the coyotes. This is a comprehensive plan integrating various methods of education and control that will benefit both the citizens of the village and the coyotes. To view the Coyote Management Plan Click Here.

Village Leash Law

The village does have a leash law that also pertains to the Village of Corrales Bosque.

Section 6-9 Prohibits acts; animal nuisances.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person owning, harboring or having the custody or possession of any animal to cause or all such animal to:
(3) Be beyond the boundaries of the premises of the animal's owner or keeper unless the animal is under the physical and immediate control of the animal's owner or keeper and is on a secure leash no more than eight feet in length;

Village Animal Code

To view all of The Village of Corrales animal codes you can use this PDF.

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  • Mayor’s Friday Post

    Well, the winds of spring continue! We’ve been blown around pretty good this week and so may have downed limbs and branches – we do try to pick things up on Village property. However, if you spot something significant that we have missed, please call 899-8900 and let us know. I know there is concern about brush and trash build-up that occurs along Corrales Road (State Highway 448). The New Mexico State Department of Transportation owns Corrales Road and is responsible for keeping it maintained. However, volunteer organizations used to help clean up the road and I am making some calls to see if I can convince them to start up again. I will keep you updated.

    This week, I participated in “Leadership Sandoval County 2018” as part of the Mayors’ Forum, along with Bernalillo Mayor Jack Torres and Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull. It was very informative and served to highlight our shared concerns and goals. The Police Department, as part of their continuing education, received training on responding to missing persons cases (Amber, Brittany and Silver alerts). Also, Officer Rogers, who organized a spring break reading program, Books and Badges, hosted a pizza party at Corrales Elementary for the class who logged in the most reading hours. Way to go!

    Again, it is supposed to be windy this weekend, so stay safe and let’s hope for some much-needed moisture!
    Jo Anne
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    So happy you are doing posts!!!!

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    I like hearing from our mayor through this forum. Very cost-efficient way to keep residents informed.

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    GeoEngineering is ruining the weather ...sad sad sad

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