Village of Corrales Animal Control

Village of Corrales Animal Control

4324 Corrales Road, Corrales, New Mexico
phone: 505-898-0401

Officer P. Frostenson "Frosty" & Officer Catherine Garcia
"Partners With Our Community"

The Village of Corrales is an animal friendly community. Animal Services is dedicated to the preservation and well being of all domestic animals, livestock, and wild life.

wood duck

As part of this commitment, Animal Services has established partnerships with animal welfare and animal rescue organizations with the goal of becoming a "no-kill" community.

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Our primary source of domestic animal rescue is "Carma."

Carma's mission statement:
Carma's mission is to find loving homes for dogs and cats. One of Carma's principal goals is to work with local animal control organizations to intercept animals before they are euthanized. Carma is working closely with Corrales Animal Services to facilitate the transfer of animals into foster care or adoptive homes. Specific conditions apply to all adoptions.

Carma is in need of foster homes for both cats and dogs. If you are available to help, please leave a message at (505) 342-8070.

To view photos and descriptions of cats and dogs available for foster care or adoption Click Here.

Village of Corrales Integrated Coyote Management Plan
The purpose of this plan is to minimize pet and livestock losses due to coyote predation and minimize the impact on the coyotes. This is a comprehensive plan integrating various methods of education and control that will benefit both the citizens of the village and the coyotes. To view the Coyote Management Plan Click Here.