Corrales Competitive Police Salaries

Mayor Scott Kominiak has announced that Corrales is taking steps to improve its ability to recruit and retain its quality police officers in a highly competitive environment.  Effective this week, the Administration has implemented a 5% increase in officer salaries, making starting levels higher than some similar communities and more competitive with others.

The move was actually recommended for the beginning of this fiscal year.  Working with Chief Victor Mangiacapra, it was determined that while the department is budgeted for 16 officers, 15 is adequate for safe operations, and the fact is that due to our position in the market, we have rarely had more than 14 full time officers.  However, after objections were raised by Councilor Phil Gasteyer at the final budget meeting, staff members interpreted this as a rejection of the action and failed to implement the change.

Mayor Kominiak and other Councilors thought that it had been implemented and subsequently moved forward to remedy the situation.  The changes have been in process for several weeks now, but of course we could not speak publicly about it until implemented.  Many concerned citizens have expressed their support for these types of changes in our community recently and we wanted to let them know as soon as possible that we have been and will continue to work on strengthening our community and public safety.