Governing Body

The Village Councilors do not maintain an office at the Municipal complex but you can leave messages for them with the village staff.

Jo Anne D. Roake, Mayor                 

Kevin D. Lucero, Councilor District 1

George Wright, Councilor District 2

Mel Knight, Councilor District 3     

David Dornburg, Councilor District 4

James Fahey, Councilor District 5  

Pat Clauser, Councilor District 6    

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Council Meetings:

The Village of Corrales Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm., except during the summer and in November and December, please refer to 2018 meeting schedule. Meetings are held in the Village of Corrales Council Chambers/Municipal Court Building at 4322 Corrales Road, but occasionally special events require relocation to another building. Such relocations are posted publicly well in advance of the meeting.

Resolution 18-001, establishing Regular meetings of the Governing Body and determining reasonable notice.



Village of Corrales
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