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The Corrales Community Library functioned from 1957 to 1971 on a limited budget derived from fund-raising activities (silver teas, book and bake sales, card games, Casa tours, etc.) plus a yearly sum of money for books from Sandoval County. Since Village incorporation in 1972, it has been included in the Village budget, but the original building itself was built on Village land almost entirely by a volunteer force of Corrales residents. The Friends of the Corrales Library organized the building effort. An addition, which now houses the children’s collection, was completed in 1993, with funds from various sources, including state and county funding. Offices and a Teen Room were added in 2002 and 2006 respectively, with funds from Sandoval County Bonds. The library is located at 84 West La Entrada.

Today, this is one of the busiest community libraries in New Mexico. Its early 1970s origins speak to the extraordinary volunteer effort that created this charming adobe structure. Village residents literally mixed adobe mud and heaved the dried bricks into place. A couple of additions have increased its capacity to serve all ages and interests. A substantial grant from the Bill Gates Foundation enabled the staff and volunteers to install a number of computers for patron use and several are equipped with modems for accessing resources on the internet.

The library was staffed entirely by volunteers until 1979 when the librarian became a Village employee. At present the library has a staff of four librarians and over 60 volunteers. Our library is unique in having been supported by volunteers for so many years. We are grateful to the people of Corrales for making the library possible and for giving it their continuing support.

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Phone: 897-0733 Fax: 897-0596