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Beautiful fall weather is upon us. We are already starting to see a little bit of leaf change.

This week, a resident wrote to praise the efforts of our EMT team at the Fire Department. He took his wife to the main Fire Station as she was having very troubling symptoms. Immediately, the EMT team jumped into action; they ran EKG and other tests and then sent the electronic EKG strip to the hospital. The information arrived ahead of the patient and happily they were able to go home. As the grateful resident said, “I’m overwhelmed by the caring and skill of the whole Corrales EMT team and Tanya [Commander Lattin] in particular. They were superb. We are very lucky to have such great team in our little Village!” We are fortunate indeed and as mentioned, we are grateful to the Chief for building and maintaining this wonderful team. We also want to note that both the Fire Department and the Police Department will never call/solicit donations from you.

I attended a large block party this last Sunday, along with members of the police and fire departments, up on Christian Lane. It was a great turn-out (at least three dozen folks came together) for fabulous food and neighborhood interactions! I really believe this type of citizen engagement is the backbone of our community. It allows those of us who are in positions of public service to be able to respond to the wants and needs of our residents. Thank you for inviting us! It really is a pleasure to get out and meet you, if we have not already met.

Road Runner Healthcare had a red ribbon cutting ceremony this week here in Corrales. They are a homecare and hospice business run by a Corrales native Jennifer Keck. In the infancy of her business she ran it out of her home but now occupies an office space in the Village Plaza, just north of the fire station. She wanted to keep her business here in the Village and serves anyone within 100 miles. Even though her business has been in that space for just over a year, her ribbon cutting was to not only celebrate her new office space, but also to congratulate her on obtaining a Hospice Medicare License. In layman’s terms, a big deal! Jennifer’s business emphasizes patient driven care that provides the utmost love and care for each person. I want to acknowledge and appreciate the native Corraleño on her success and for wanting to keep her business here in the Village. For more information on Road Runner Healthcare and Jennifer visit her website https://roadrunnerhealthcare.com/

Mark the 23rd on your calendars as The 33rd Annual Corrales Ditch Run is fast approaching! Registration closes on the 21st, so if you are interested in a 5k, 10k or half marathon head over to https://register.chronotrack.com/r/38391 in order to participate. All proceeds go to help support and maintain the Kiwanis Club’s annual Kids Kamp that takes place every June in Vanderwagon, NM. If you aren’t convinced yet you can also check out https://corridadecorrales.wordpress.com/ for more information.

Don’t forget to go to the Growers’ Market this weekend. Lot of produce is available right now. Al Gonzales reported that 4500 people attended last Sunday. It was a First Responders’ celebration; members of the Fire and Police were there, and as a special treat, a helicopter used for medical rescue flew in and let people look all around and talk to the crew.

As always, have a wonderful and safe weekend.

JoAnne Roake


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