Lynn Siverts
Parks&Rec. Director

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Brynn Cole, Recreation Specialist

Parks & Recreation Department

Corrales Park


Corrales Recreation Center and Facilities

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Liam Knight Pond

Contact Information: E-mail: Lynn Siverts or Brynn Cole

Mailing Address: 4324 Corrales Road
Physical Address: 500 Jones Road
Phone: 505-899-8900




Registration begins Monday,February 2nd,2015

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Renting the Facilities:

If you wish to rent any of the Parks and Recreation Department facilities, please fill out the two forms below and return them to the Parks and Recreation Department. Waiver of Liability and Reservation Agreement for Corrales Sites and Facilities Click Here

Insurance:  The Village requires users of Village-owned facilities for special requests, one-time events, athletic leagues, tournament play, and recreational programs provide proof of liability insurance to cover such use of the facility, with the Village of Corrales named as additional insured on the policy. Staff may determine if insurance is necessary. The proof of insurance will be forwarded to the Department Liaison no later than ten (10) working days prior to the start of the use of the facility. The amount of insurance shall coincide with the Tort Claims caps found in NMSA 1978, Section 41-4-19 (1976).

To obtain a liability insurance quote you can use a new program initiated by the New Mexico Self Insurance Fund. Click Here for More Info.