Planning and Zoning


The P&Z department is the busiest office in the Village.  We receive applications for all zoning action:  subdivisions, site development plans (commercial), variances, special use permits, home occupation permits, and zone map amendments.  These applications require public hearings, and some are forwarded to the Governing Body (Council) with a recommendation for action after they have been heard by the Commission – zone map amendments and ordinance amendments.

The Commission initiates amendments to the land use code (regulations).  Commission recommendations are forwarded to the Governing Body for a 2-step process of public notification, reading, and adoption.

For documents related to Planning and Zoning use the link below.  This includes Forms / Applications / Permit Fees / Maps / Village Code / Building Permits / etc

Planning and Zoning Documents

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Commission and Public Hearings Code Enforcement Comprehensive Plan Building / Sign Permits and Inspections


The department does not retain land ownership or assessment records.  Those are kept at the Sandoval County Assessor’s office.  The Village does not enforce private covenants or deed restrictions.  Covenants and deed restrictions are filed at the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office.

The staff enforces Village ordinances, and only to the limit allowed by those ordinances.

The Village does not handle disputes about private easements, private roads (except where public safety is involved), water rights, or private agreements of any kind; these are matters between individuals.

Commission meetings, including public hearings, are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of every month, at 6:30 PM.
The meetings are held at the Court/Council Chambers located at 4322 Corrales Road (the Old Fire Station).
The entrance is at the east end of the building, next to the parking lot.

Planning and Zoning Meetings


Lee Brammeier, Certified Building and Zoning Inspector

Laurie Stout, Community Development Coordinator

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Mornings are available for walk-in requests to meet with staff. Afternoons are appointments only. It is best to call for an appointment to ensure that the appropriate person will be available to see you.


Lee Brammeier,

Laurie Stout,

Planning and Zoning News