What's Upcoming from Corrales' Parks and Recreation

Corrales' Parks and Recreation is looking forward to another great year of programs and facilities use here in the village. And they would like to let you know a little about what is in the works. In the immediate future, they are excited to offer Spring Break Camp (March 30th-April 3rd), which always includes fun indoor and outdoor activities, as well as several adventures around the community that delight all involved.

As another pool season rapidly approaches, they would like to announce that pool sign up day (which includes signups for swim lessons, swim team, pool parties and pool passes) will be taking place on May 2nd. The pool is always a highlight for summers here and staff hopes that you will enjoy another swim season; it will be opening on the 23rd of May.

Recreation is currently in the process of scheduling a tennis program, Zumba classes and basketball clinics - look for announcements of information on these programs. There are several exercise classes that meet in the gym year round, as well as various special events and of course wonderful facilities open to the public no matter what season it is.

Parks and Recreation has more facilities now for public use than ever before and they encourage everyone to make use of them. Facilities include: La Entrada Park (with the band-shell, bocce ball court and playground), the skate park, outdoor basketball and pickleball courts, the pool, the indoor gym and amazing field spaces. Some other facilities that have seen recent improvements are the tennis courts, which now have a practice wall on the northern side. Top Form Arena has stall spaces for daytime and equine event use. The pond has received a couple of new friends; please remember that if you catch anything in the pond to let it go, as it is a learning space and not stocked for anything but catch and release. The Village is, also, quite proud to offer use of the batting cage, please see the Recreation Office if you wish to hit a few. And lastly, please note that the dog park is still being worked on for our canine friends; there is no definite time-line for that project, so please stay tuned.

As for future projects, Recreation has three major projects in the works for this year and hope that you will stay patient as they work on these improvements. The front fields at the Recreation Center will be getting a sprinkler system installed and new grass planted, which will cause those fields to be offline at that point. The La Entrada band-shell will also be seeing some improvement this year, the dance space collects water marvelously and so they will be working on the drainage of that front area. Lastly in the works, is a shade structure over the playground in the Park, so the kids of Corrales can have protected space to play.

Even with all of the amazing spaces and opportunities available, the Village would love to add more programs welcomes input and suggestions on what you want in your village. Please send comments and ideas to bcole@corrales-nm.org. And please enjoy your Parks and Recreation facilities!