Mayor's Message for February 19th, 2021

Sandia Mountains at Sunset

Well, it’s been a week of weather, hasn’t it? Looks like this weekend will be much warmer. Anytime we have bad weather, our Public Works Department is out working on our roads. Commander Lattin also sends out road condition updates on our website, Next Door and Twitter. Good rule of thumb; if you can, stay off the roads until icy conditions subside.

Village in the Village is a not-for-profit group to help older people stay in their homes. Due to funding from Intel, Corrales Main Street, and help from the Corrales Fire Department, ViV now has a new permanent home for its Health Equipment Lending Program (HELP). Any resident of Corrales can borrow medical equipment. For available items, check out the Resources tab. Executive Director Sarah Pastore extends special thanks to Program Chairs Jannie Dusseau and Pat Di Vivi and to numerous members who made this program and its new home a reality.

February is LOVE YOUR LIBRARY month! Corrales Community Library is offering 3 ways to show support: 1) Go on a Blind Date with a book, 2) Participate in the “Why I Love My Library” bookmark event and 3) Leave a Virtual Love Note to our Library on Padlet. For details, see website. Remember, the library offers, along with books, magazines, movies and all manner of programming for your enjoyment.

Music in Corrales continues to offer the opportunity to listen to a virtual concert (Boyd Meets Girl) between February 20 to February 28. Sounds terrific. To get tickets, please go to the website. Want a 2-minute free preview? 

COVID cases continue to decline statewide, but we do have an uptick in Corrales (267). Therefore, Corrales is not out of the woods and we must continue to wear a mask, social distance, and gather in groups of 10 or less. The Corrales vaccination POD is going great! A Local Heroes Shoutout to Josephine Darling and her husband for bringing portable heaters to warm up our vaccination sites on those frigid days. Together, we are making progress in the struggle against COVID. PLEASE REGISTER FOR YOUR VACCINE. Go to the website . You will receive a code to complete your registration. There is a helpline, but if you need more, please call Commander Tanya Lattin at (505), 702-4182. 

Speaking of Local Heroes, an anonymous angel donated 5 bales of hay to help winterize animal pens in advance of the freezing weather. Thank you! If you’d like answers about how to safeguard your animals in these cold weather conditions, please contact Animal Control Services at 898-0401.

Senator Brenda McKenna has alerted the Village to the possibility of additional project monies. If it comes through, we’ll do much-needed repairs to the restrooms at the Recreation Center. Fingers crossed! 

Next Tuesday February 23rd join the Village Council Meeting at 6:30. Get your Agenda and packet of materials Friday on the website, along with directions as to how to join virtually.

This weekend promises at least one cloudless, sunny day in the 50’s. Perfect weather to get out on our trails or to shop locally. Need time to recover from Chinese New Year, President’s Day and Mardi Gras? Whatever you do, please be safe and enjoy yourself, Corrales-style.

Jo Anne Roake

Mayor of Corrales