Mayor's Message for January 27th, 2023

MRGCD sketch of syphon project

Mayor’s Message for January 27th, 2023

At the Corrales Village Council meeting on 1/24/23, Jason Casuga, chief executive officer for the MRGCD, gave a presentation to the council regarding the plan for dealing with the failed siphon responsible for providing irrigation each growing season to the village farmers. Lack of water had a significant impact on the ability of farmers in our area to produce the products we have all become accustomed to having. The temporary fix, 2 years for the short-term and then the long-term plans were both presented. However, these plans still depend on the availability of water and state funding. The power point presentation is available on the Village website  and then click on the latest news tab at the bottom of the page. You can also visit our official Village of Corrales YouTube page to view the council meetings and hear the MRGCD presentation at the following link:

Construction is underway for the new gym at the Rec Center. It’s just a hole in the ground right now, but it is a start. Maybe in a year it will be ready for the basketball season. Most of the work to this point has been done by our village employees in the Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Departments. We are so fortunate to have these individuals working for us in the village. Thank you!


Tue. 01/17 a citizen reported that her mailbox, which is located within the cluster unit on Loma Larga at Camino Hermosa, had been damaged in an apparent attempt at opening it at an unknown time during the preceding three days.

Wed. 01/18 a resident of the 1000 block of W. Meadowlark reported finding mail from numerous individual boxes in the area strewn about the ground. Always retrieve incoming mail promptly, take outgoing items directly to the Post Office and consider getting a P.O. Box for added security.

Also on Tue. 01/17 Animal Services Officers discovered the carcass of a coyote, which had its hind legs bound and head and pelt removed, along the ditch bank behind the 6800 block of Corrales RD. The investigation disclosed that a nearby resident (who claimed that the coyote was deceased when he found it) was responsible for the dismemberment and the 45-year-old man is being summoned into court for Cruelty to Animals.

Later on Tue. 01/17 a resident reported that a mobile phone account, which was now in collections, had been opened last year via the fraudulent use of his personal information. The victim did not know how or when his data had been compromised. Remember to safeguard your personal / financial information both on paper and online, shred unneeded sensitive documents, monitor your accounts, consider placing a freeze on your credit and visit the FTC web site for additional information concerning identity theft

On Thu. 01/19 a resident of Chimaja RD reported that at about 1:30PM a pick-up truck was stolen from his backyard. It’s advisable to park in your garage whenever possible, and anti-theft devices such as alarms, steering wheel locks, brake locks and kill switches can add layers of protection to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

On Sun. 01/22 a resident of W. Valverde RD reported that a package had been stolen from her porch the previous day. Please keep these tips in mind to help prevent package theft:

  • --If you’re home when deliveries are made, retrieve parcels right away.
  • --If you’re not home during the day, have items shipped to your place of employment.
  • --Require a signature for packages.
  • --Use alternative delivery options such as a P.O. Box or parcel service locker.
  • --Install and monitor security cameras, whether doorbell or otherwise.
  • --Look out for each other in your neighborhoods and call CPD at 505-891-7226 to check out suspicious      vehicles and subjects – SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT!


We are still seeing high cases of upper respiratory viruses throughout the State of New Mexico. Be sure to get your 2nd booster. It provides greater protection for the variants that are out there now. Protect yourself and your family. Wear a mask in crowded areas. wash your hands frequently and social distance if possible. As a reminder, FREE Covid home test kits are still available at Village Hall, Corrales Fire Station, and the Corrales Library. Please remember to wear a mask indoors (especially in crowds), social distance, when possible, wash your hands frequently and stay home if you feel sick. The FDA has increased and updated the shelf life of most home tests. To check the tests that you may have at home, the FDA website can be found on the Village of Corrales website under COVID – 19 Resources.



Sunday, February 5thFirst Sunday “Arts in the Village” throughout the business corridor, sponsored by Corrales MainStreet - please support our local artists!

Sunday, February 5thCorrales Growers’ Market – Winter Market from 11am-1pm. For more information about the Growers’ Market, please visit:

Sunday, February 5thChick & Duck Primer Seminar at The Village Mercantile store @ 5pm. The first shipment of chicks will arrive at the store on February 9th. Please visit their website for more information about upcoming events, supplies and chick deliveries at:

Tuesday, February 7thRegular Council Meeting @ 6:30pm

Tuesday, February 14th –  Valentine’s Day 

Sunday, February 19th“The Mexican Period 1821-1848” speaker series by Leslie Kim at the Historic Old San Ysidro Church @ 2pm – This is a FREE event that is open to the public.

In a couple of months, we will start seeing some of the early spring crops. The seed catalogs have already been arriving in the mail for the last month and our local Village Mercantile has everything you need to get your garden plans ready, including a very large selection of seeds. Also, the Corrales Community Library has the Seed Library, books and resources to help you grow a successful garden this year! For more information, please visit:


Our Public Works director, Michael Chavez has provided a list of Corrales Road Projects for 2023/2024

  • Complete repaving of Sagebrush Drive from Corrales Road to Loma Larga. Installation of new culvert crossing by March 2023.
  • Repaving of Sagebrush Drive from Loma Larga to new trail on western boundary with a Bike/Pedestrian Path. (Design has Started and construction expected in2024)
  • Repaving of Cabezon Road with Bike/Pedestrian path and equestrian path (Design complete in March and construction summer 2023).
  • Cadillo Lane Repave (2023)
  • Coronado Road and Reclining acres from Loma Larga to western boundary repaving. Design almost complete on Coronado about 25% on Reclining Acres. Both streets will be redesigned with an inverted crown to carry storm water to Loma Larga drainage.
  • Install drainage culvert from Sereno Road to Loma Larga design 75% expect construction Summer 2023.
  • Meadowlark Lane from Corrales Road to Loma Larga repave with a Bike/Pedestrian Trail. Design 75% complete. Construction may begin Summer 2024
  • Complete West Ella culvert crossing (Paving) Spring 2023.

If you know someone who would like to receive the Mayor’s Message by email, please contact the Village Clerk, Melanie Romero at mromero [at] () or by phone at 505-897-9502 ext 208.

Stay safe & warm.

Jim Fahey

Corrales Mayor


New Gym Construction
Excavated Site for New Gym