Mayor's Message for May 10th, 2024

Mother's day 2024

Mother’s Day is Sunday!  Thanks to all those mothers out there and what you do for your families. By 1911 Mothers’ Day was celebrated nationwide. After first starting as an anti-war movement after the Civil War, it has now become a national celebration of motherhood. Locally, it is now part of Weekend 3 of ¡Viva Corrales! The Farmland Bird Walk is on May 11, beginning at 8 AM. Parking will be at the end of Romero Road. Space is limited so please RSVP to lwalshnm [at] ().  Participants will receive an introduction to bird identification and will have the opportunity to visit three working farms held in permanent conservation easement by the New Mexico Land Conservancy. Farm and Food Day also begins at 8 AM on May 11 at the Farm Stand, 4206 Corrales Road with a huge Plant and Garden Start Sale at the Farm Stand! Experience food grown and prepared in Corrales by eating at local restaurants during your visit to ¡Viva Corrales! events this weekend. Many of the restaurants have planned Mothers’ Day menus so go online and check them out. The Corrales Growers’ Market is also open on Mothers’ Day from 9-12 noon. If you or your mom have never been, you must go. It is quite a treat, and fresh, healthy foods, plants, and flowers are available.

We are moving into election season, with primary election day June 4th. Candidates are presenting themselves and listening to the people they hope to represent. Take the opportunity to listen to these fine people who want to take on the challenge in Santa Fe and discuss your thoughts with them. This is government by the people and your thoughts and ideas are important to hear. Early voting is happening now only at the Sandoval County Clerk’s office 1500 Idalia Road, Bernalillo, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Expanded early voting, including voting at the Corrales community center, begins Saturday, May 18th, with voting available Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Information on receiving an absentee ballot can be found here:

Also, tune in to upcoming Village Council meetings to hear discussions about the budget and ICIP. The former is how the Village’s funds are spent and the latter is the list of projects we would like to complete in the next five years or so. This list is used to request funds from our state legislators through the capital outlay process.  We have projects for fire suppression, fire substation, sewer lines, road repair, and municipal land development for the community. The Village council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month (except November and December when they meet only on the second Tuesday). Meetings always begin at 6:30 PM, and you can watch from the comfort of your home by logging in via Zoom. Zoom links can be found on the Village website’s homepage under the “Council Meeting Zoom Link” tab.  If you have an issue you would like to bring to the council’s attention, you may attend a meeting, either in person or by zoom, to speak during the Corraleños forum. Contact the Village clerk at 505-897-0502 ext. 208 with any questions. 


Spring means Mother’s Day and baby wildlife season. While it may be concerning to see a baby animal alone in your yard, please do not animal-nap a baby.  Here are a few things to keep in mind: cottontail rabbits do not stay with their young and only return to feed them twice a day. They normally return at dusk and just before sunrise to feed them. If you see a baby rabbit alone in a nest do not remove it. If you do find an orphaned or injured bunny or other mammal such as a squirrel DO NOT offer food or water. Find a cardboard box with a lid and line the bottom with a towel or paper towel. You do not need to poke holes in the box - just put the box in a warm area and then call Wildlife Rescue, Inc. at 505-344-2500 to arrange for them to receive the baby.  

For all birds, except hummingbirds, if you find a baby that is naked or partially feathered and on the ground, with the nest in an area that is safe for you to access without falling, return the baby to the nest.  If you cannot reach the nest safely you can make one from a small container like a margarine tub. Poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage and pad it with shredded tissue and nail it to the trunk of the tree under which you found the baby. Place it high enough to remain in the shade during the day. The parents hopefully will hear the bird and start to care for it in the new nest.   If you can, watch from a hidden place for a few hours to be sure the parents find it again. If you know it is abandoned or the parents do not return, place it in a cardboard box, DO NOT feed or water. Put the box in a warm quiet area and contact a rehabber. Corrales has one local native bird rehabilitation center, On A Wing and A Prayer they can be reached at 505-480-7777.  They accept all native birds orphaned or injured, except waterfowl as they do not have the setup.  Wildlife Rescue, Inc. at 505-344-2500 also accepts native birds and has waterfowl setups. Make sure to leave a message when you call any wildlife rehabilitation Center, feeding babies is time-consuming, they will call you back.  

Hummingbirds, if in a nest on the ground with babies, put the whole nest in a box, and contact a rehabber immediately. Hummingbirds need to eat every 30 minutes during daylight hours a rehabber can guide you on this while you get them taken in for care. Get directions from a rehabber before you feed them.  Call On a Wing and A Prayer or Wildlife Rescue, Inc. at the numbers listed above.

If you want more information on wildlife rehabilitation and when wild animals may or may not need help, don’t turn to Google or the internet. Please use trusted sources such as


SATURDAY – Farmland Bird Walk, 8 AM, meet at the end of Romero Road

SATURDAY – Plant and garden start sale at the Farm Stand 8 AM

SUNDAY – Grower’s Market, 9 AM – Noon

SATURDAY – Rio Grande Classic Balloon Glow, Rec Center 6 PM

TUESDAY ­– Coffee with a Cop is back and at the Senior Center. Come have some great coffee and chat with your local officers 10:30 – 11:30 AM

WEDNESDAY – Story Time at the library 10 AM


May 18th – Village clean-up day 8 AM – noon, 500 Jones road – follow the signs to drop off household trash and yard waste. No large appliances or hazardous waste will be accepted.

May 18th – Corrales Tractor Club Antique Tractor Show 9 AM – 4 PM Rec Center soccer fields

May 18th – Artist reception for Betsy Kuhn 10 AM, Corrales Library. Come see Betsy’s acrylics, drawings, and water colors.

May 18th – Fiesta at San Ysidro Parish, 5015 Corrales Rd, 10 AM –3 PM Car show, Bingo starts at 6 PM

May 19th – Fiesta at San Ysidro Parish continues 10 AM Mass and Matachines, 10 AM – 4 PM Arts and Craft Fair

Drive safe, follow the posted speed limits, look out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians. They are more than likely your neighbors. Leash your dogs and scoop the poop. It’s good for the environment and makes walking safer for others if you control your animals. Remember to wear your life vest if you go boating on the river. This is a wonderful community where we can all be proud of living, so be safe.

Jim Fahey