Mayor's Message for May 15th, 2020


Here in our little piece of paradise, spring is well underway. Everyday more flowers are blooming and trees are greening. We are  fortunate to be where we can enjoy the outdoors and also lots of allergies.

Vote! The primary election is on June 2nd.  The safest way to vote is by absentee ballot. Get one at: Early in-person voting begins here in the Village on May 16th at the Corrales Community Center at 4326 Corrales Road from 10am -7pm, Mondays-Saturdays. Voting on June 2nd will take place at the Recreation Center at 500 Jones Road. You will be able to find more info at Please wear a mask for the sake of the poll workers.  Many have been doing this job for years out of a sense of civic responsibility and are older and vulnerable. Thank you for your consideration. 

Please participate in the census. In the upcoming years, New Mexico will sorely need any available financial resources, which should be based on our actual number of residents. Go to:

Corrales hosted a successful COVID-19 test site on Wednesday. If you are interested in being tested, please go to our website or Next Door for information. Special thanks to Commander Lattin for her efforts.

Last night, we held our first virtual Town Hall.  More than 50 people zoomed in and we had a great interactive conversation about the things that are on our minds.  Representative Daymon Ely, Doctor Darren Braude and Commander Tanya Lattin were on hand to answer insightful questions about a special session, testing sites, future vaccination plans, masks, the Post Office, and more. Next Virtual Town Hall on May 28th at 5:30.  

It's crucial that citizens have an opportunity to speak with the government in these challenging times.  We used several methods to get the word out about the Virtual Town Hall and we’d like to know which were the most successful. Therefore, look for a short survey asking for your input. I appreciate your participation - it will help make our efforts more inclusive.

Where are we now on our path to reopening? The good news is that most retailers are now open at 25% capacity. Restaurants continue to offer pickup and delivery. For a more complete list of local business services, please see: For our own Reopening Plan, check our Village website at:…

I believe in our community. Public safety is our first priority and a shared value. The governor has mandated the use of masks when in public (except for eating, drinking or exercising). This is nothing new in Corrales. I wear a mask to protect you and ask that you wear a mask to protect me, your family, neighbors and friends. Thank you.

Our (in car) graduation parade for high school seniors will be on May 23rd at 10 am. Please check our village website calendar for details.  It'll be a great chance for our community to get out there and celebrate this big milestone and show support. On May 22nd the teachers and families of those graduating from Corrales Elementary School will also be having their own parade on the school grounds. To every student who is graduating this year from elementary school, middle school, high school or college…... congratulations. We are proud of you and wish you every chance for success in the future. 

On Sunday there will be a drive-thru Corrales Growers' Market from 9 to 12. Thank you for continuing to patronize our Growers' Market. It makes all the difference for the vendors and supplies us fresh, organic food. We must be trendsetters: among others, Albuquerque Rail Yards Market is also having a drive-through event. For details, check

This weekend is going to be hot. It's a great chance to take advantage of being outside, but do take care of yourselves. Whatever you do this weekend, be safe and enjoy yourselves, Corrales-style.

 Jo Anne Roake

 Mayor of Corrales